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abstract african american animal art ballerina bar barbier bath bathing bauer beach beauclair benz bird black boat borsch boudoir bridge building burkler burn busch castle ceramic chinese circular city clown cowboy crinoline cyliac-krauss dance dancer dazzling deco design deutsch dover drapery dulheuer dwarf eagle english estate farkas farming ferdin floral floret flowerpot flute focke foliage foliar folkart forderer fruit full geisha gentlemen geyling goesche golf gondola graphic hagel hart hiking hilltown hoffman horse horseman house hunt hunting indian isbn0486998487 isbn9780486998480 italian japanese jazz jester kimono king kunz lady lamerr lange lantern laszlo lichtblau life men monkey motif neureiterosnag orchid palm parisian pattern peacock people pied piper plant playing porpoise prutscher publications puti raab rectangle rossler rott rug russian sail scher schwarz schwarzer shamisen ship shooting siam snail spanish square stag star steiner-prag still temple tennis thai thailand turkey turtle urban vase venice very vessel vignette villa whale wilhelm woman

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